A message from sensei’s son

I am very pleased that this website has been created to perpetuate the teachings of my father, Yukimura Haruki.

I myself am a photographer and got my professional start at 19 when I saw my father tie.

I wanted to capture him on camera. I wanted to capture what he was doing.

For more than 20 years, until he passed away in March 2016, my father and I worked together, each inspiring the other to do better in his art.

He often spoke about how much it meant to him that people outside of Japan, too, found beauty and pleasure in his style of rope.

My father is no longer with us, but it is my wish, as I know it would be his, that his many friends and students carry on his teachings.

Please use this website to exchange information with other like-minded people so that Yukimura-ryu kinbaku may continue to evolve and spread around the world.


Keisuke Higure